Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tribute to another sister from a different Mother & Dad

Another sister leaped into her sixth decade yesterday. Sopigopnopa.  Y'all are helping me stay young!  Seems like only yesterday we sat on the back row of church writing notes and singing out of the Cokesbury Hymnal.  You were so cool with an older sister still around to school you in wooing boys.  Still remember "True Grit".  We weren't studying John Wayne.  You could also cook and sew.  I was enamored with your gifts.  Angel pie, and new funky short outfits for camp. Who can forget playing the piano and singing. If only Carol King or Broadway had known we were out there...So glad you got the boy of your dreams and now you have the family of it too.  You are a gift to my life. Hope you have a great 60th year. 

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