Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Tales from the Hooch

Great little Mother's Day jaunt last evening.  River Park in West Point. Expert guidance from Rock Man who helped create the trails.  Wear good shoes.  Take a walking stick.  Remember you're in God's living room and not yours. The board walk over the beaver dam, an Eagle Scout project, is quite impressive.  Lots of lovely ferns and other native plants to view.  Stay on the trail...lots of poison ivy too.  Only saw one no shoulder creature. Rock Man said might have been a water moccasin. A baby one but their venom is more powerful than their momma's so I hear.

Then convertible ride to Lagrange for supper at Country's. What a day. 

Divine Ms. M and I at Gibbs Garden in 2012. Part of our Mother's day feast.
My beautiful Mother probably a la 1943 before 4 children.
Maw Maw with Baby Jake 2012

Lovely lunch a la Duke Boy.  5 star dining experience.  Lemon chicken, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans with basil, watermelon/tomato salad, sour cream rolls.  Dessert: Swiss chocolate cake prepared by one of the woman from my Naomi group for widows.  We had half leftover from group and she gifted us .   

Almost annual Mother's Day nap , wonderful.  Duke Boy and I were knocked out for a couple of hours in the sweet afternoon coolness from our open window. 

Maw Maw got to hold the latest addition to our family yesterday.  Baby Ryan, who thanks to many prayers is home from the NICU in Columbus. 

Must be a traffic jam on the river this morning.  Lots of honking from the geese.  No Name, the cat visitor spent Mother's Day with us yesterday.  Got in my lap twice on the patio--sweet and persistent. I'm still not naming him.

Peaceful Monday.
My best Mother's Day present from the late 80's.

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