Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day, Aleve night

Wonderful day in my garden makes for an Aleve night.  Used up my bendovers  for the week spreading pine straw.  Garden hat and oak trees made for good day with light rain .

Mother's Day celebrated early at the beach with my Mom and sister.  Beach trips aren't complete without a little time in the beach chairs. Doesn't matter that the wind is near gale force, the flag is red and standing out like cardboard, my sister is holding on to the umbrella, my mom is a covered in a blanket, and I'm covered in goose bumps.  Did I mention that is was Bike Week? Mom and I listened to lullabies on my Pandora to try to drown out the cyclists who zoomed by our condo Friday night.  Never  drive on the back beach road near the Harley place on Saturday of bike week.  Can you say parking lot? Despite all the obstacles we had a great time and managed to eat some wonderful food. Grilled shrimp at Captain Anderson's--yum. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.  Looking forward to lunch with my baby and her sweet hubby tomorrow.  Also the Divine Mrs. M. coming.  more Yummy food this time prepared by Duke Boy. 

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