Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who are you and why are you in my garden?

It's gonna be one of those, "I meant to do my work today, but a brown bird sang in the apple tree.." kind of days.  Who said that? Emily Dickinson?  Elizabeth Barrett Browning?
 Neither..Richard Galienne...look it up.  Are you kidding me.  I knew that was too light hearted and easy to understand to be Emily. 

Outside my window --a new resident--a striped cat that I've been trying to get out of my yard.  He or she followed me around crying while I put out ant poison--I think he thought I had cat food.   go away  I didn't want to like or poison you.  He eats songbirds and I just noticed that none are singing at this moment--hmm.

 They are smarter than Duke Boy ...the cat sat in his lap last night while he was outside.  Are you kidding me? "Sweet cat. "  HE DOESN'T EVEN LIKE CATS!

 OK, I admit I didn't try real hard to make him leave.  I think he probably also eats snakes or at least toys with them.  I am Not naming him.

Unlike J.R.  For Jack Russell.  He's our newest tree frog who sounds exactly like the Jack Russell dog across the street when he gets his knickers in a knot.  J.R. likes to get up at 5 A.M.  He did that this morning.  I know why you'd want to shoot J.R.

Little stripy NO Name must have moved out--no meowing and birds are singing again. 

Where will you see God today?  It's easier to see Him when they have names.

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