Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Memorial Day weekend, time for traveling pants

Need to be paying bills but this is much more fun. Friday--wahoo--still have to go into the office though and see if I can get my computer to work. Will go in early before the sun hits my side of the building. Thank God for those lovely churchmen who installed my ceiling fan last year. Life saver.
100+ year old buildings aren't known for their insulation. 

Excited to see a older friend--na, na, you're older than me kind .  Even when the distance isn't great life gets so busy that we don't take the time to catch up and see those we love often enough. 
Hugs to all of you who I don't see nearly enough.  Erma Bombeck blog had a great article about a couple in the same room having a fight on Facebook--it is so true.  Duke Boy isn't on Facebook so we still fight the ole fashion way but not nearly as often as when we were younger and still had the
look closely for the duck--look how green too
notion that we could change the other one and the rest of the world.  Now we just sigh and go to bed or go dig in the dirt.

Can't wait till the sun comes up so I can see what new critter has ventured into my garden.
Fox, geese, mallard ducks, Double N--or NN as Duke Boy calls him.  I need some turtles.  I'm hoping my Hedgie Children will capture another that can roam that big Flex vehicle they drive since they rarely carry turtle capturing boxes in their car. You must get Hedgie Girl to share this story.  Too funny.   This must be turtle mating season or they are trying to get to a Memorial Day sale at JCPenny because the roads have been full of them.  I've decided though there are worse things then squished turtles, like squished me from trying to do a turtle rescue.  Sometimes they are very ungrateful for your kindness.  I've been peed on and nearly bitten by one in front of the Episcopal Church in West Point.  I had to go back home and change out of turtle pee pants.

Gorgeous Memorial Day weekend to all.  Be safe.  Save a turtle. Carry turtle saving equipment--a box, band-aids, and extra pants.

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