Friday, May 24, 2013

Geese come to visit

Amazin day on the river.  Had my Naomi group over for lunch.  Just prior to their arrival we had visitors. A family of geese--3 adults and a bunch of babies.  So cute.  Lovely watching them follow behind their mommas or daddies?

We discovered a whole new eating spot .  Under the magnolia on the front lawn.  Wonderfully shady.  Also discovered that Queen Anne's lace attracts bugs. 

I'm ready for the A/C man to discover the problem at my office.  Hot, hot, hot.  Then my computer said I an access violation #4400%%88.  You know what I mean. Very aggravating.  Back tomorrow to finish my work. 

Studying my Windows 8 for Seniors.  I pretend it means for Seniors in HS.  Ha. Like they would need one. 

Peace to all and good night from the Hooch.

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