Monday, May 27, 2013

Shut off the movie and go to bed!

Relaxing weekend. Watching "Downton Abbey".  Up to Season 2, episode 3.  I'm making myself go to bed.  Also spent time outside in my garden.  Planted seed--wish me luck.

I never cease to be amazed at the life lessons in the garden.  Duke Boy was ready to throw away our pineapple palm that wasn't coming back in it's pot.  Convinced him to plant it--Voila--as they say in France.  It has a new huge shoot right out the top.  Too often we give up on others before giving them another chance in a different spot.  Ok. so it's preachy but true.  Room to grow, bloom in a different place from where you were planted--

Great visit from almost 30 year old SE today.  Good to see Ms. Artsy.  She gave me some suggestions for my dressing room paint.  Hmmm.

How gorgeous the weekend has been.  More geese and babies by the river.  Fun to see the Momma in the back spread her wings and honk to get them to line up.  Too funny.  Like Highway 29 travel. 

Enjoy your time relaxing on Memorial Day.  Remember those who died for our freedom.  Peace.
Double N
I did not kill him.  He is alive and worshipping me
. He is quite the sweetest cat ever.
  He is enamored with me.  

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