Tuesday, April 2, 2013

. Garden update from the Hooch

Happy Birthday to Hank, my brother.  You are officially 5 years older than me--for a few more months.  Hope you have a super day even though you are older than me.  Hope you have a good day to golf or do something that old guys do.  :)

Yesterday was a great day--actually evening--worked my real job during the day---to haul stuff to my burn pile.  Think I'm gonna rename my blog--"life with the dead trees on the hooch".  Glad we give the woodpeckers such a fun place to hang out.  One got up close and personal with me while I was in his hood.  Looked like Woody Woodpecker for those of you old enough--Hank?--to remember that cartoon.  Brown with a red cap.

Wandering my garden and wondering what that plant is that's emerging from the soil is such fun this time of year.  Happy to report that all my lilies I planted last spring are popping up in the front house garden. Duke Boy has outdone himself raking leaves out of the beds.  So proud.  I HATE to rake. I will sit on a stool and shove leaves in a bucket for days--please don't ask me to rake.

Watched the sunset with Duke Boy after log hauling.  Geese honking up the river to the WP Lake. Ducks paddling down to Columbus to shoot the rapids. Gentle cool breeze with birds everywhere singing.  Just one question--God, what are mosquitoes for? Wish I wasn't so sweet.  I just can't help it.

Beautiful hydrangeas in my house from Easter.  Purple surprise from Duke Boy and pink in memory of some special guys.  Think they will go into pots for their first year.  We have great luck with potted hydrangeas producing an abundance of flowers.  Wish I could say that for those in the ground.  Probably don't pet them enough?

Time to make the doughnuts.  Hope the day is beautiful. Take the time to soak in it. 

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