Monday, April 1, 2013

A new Day--Easter Monday

Spring cleaned the office today.  Not a moment too soon for a corner or two.  New clients won't even know what they missed.  I had help.  Mr. M., who wants to remain semi-anonymous. He not only vaccuums, he can fix the vaccuum. Who says you can't get good help?  They haven't met Mr. M. 

Time to pack up the bunnies and chickens at the Hooch.  40 days.  They went by in a flash.  Particularly yesterday.  Woke up at 3 AM?? What?? The sunrise service was at 7.  Perhaps it was the Easter Bunny with his big feet who woke me? 

It was kinda neat being awake to help prepare the church for the Easter service.  It was dark, tomb- like, Duke Boy and I were alone carrying flowers, getting the oven warm for breakfast... then the first woman showed up.  She is like the Mary who showed up to look for Jesus.  She is there to make sure the place is ready for those coming to breakfast.  Coffee, warm casseroles, should I got get more juice?  can I wash your feet?  She is there to serve you and tell you  that she is glad to see you.   She won't mention if she hasn't seen you since last Easter.  She will just hug you and smile.

The risen Lord is always glad to see us.  Not counting the Sundays we didn't show.  What are we doing with the days to come? Who are we telling about our Easter experience.  The 40 days are over until next Lent.  Easter has begun.  Light the lights, decorate the altar, celebrate, tell everyone!

Peace on this Easter Monday in the Valley. 

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