Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Valley daily living

There is a reason those little guys who pooped on my patio travel in flocks.  "Tufted Titmouse" .  I think that's who they were?  Difficult name for the ones who fly with jets.  Very cute and excellent poopers.

Hail--looked like snow on our front lawn--size of big gumballs here--I haven't examined my Sorrento. I'm guessing Hedgie Girl's car was doing it's signature beeping to "please" be let in the house--Beeping for hail, thunder, and when Hedgie Boy's monster truck cranks up.

Proud to say all our living trees are still standing--haven't looked near the river.  My Mom lost a pine tree in her yard to the storm.  Glad she doesn't own a chain saw--she'd be crankin that bad boy up.

Be safe today as you travel to your destinations.
 Gorgeous day.
 Singing birds.
 Cool breeze. 
Treadmill time--OK--some things aren't golden.  How did it make the list?????

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