Monday, March 18, 2013

Patio avoidance

My house is so D- vined!! What a job.  Only 2 small lizards, 1 big red wasp--that was disoriented and now dead, lots of tiny black now homeless spiders and 2 Aleve so I could sleep last night. 

Watched an amazing scene yesterday morning. A flock of birds--which I've now failed to ID with the website---hundreds of them in my trees--over the patio--ick. They swooped down and lined the edge of the wheelbarrow--filled with water--and all dunked their tiny beaks in tandem to get a drink.  Reminded me of the drinking bird toy that I had as a kid.  It would drink from a glass--I know you had one or envied  a friend's.  This flock hung out along time while Duke Boy and I had coffee together near the house --far from the patio. 

Peace and safety to all as we have another rainy Monday--""Rainy days and Mondays always get me down"--don't let that be you--we know what that did to poor Karen Carpenter. If you don't then Google it.
Peace from the Hooch

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