Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Spirit, where?

Welcome to those of you from Saudi Arab.  I think you are a newbie to the rumpus here.  I'm taking a moment for the "the pause" as explained so beautifully by www.aholyexperience.com .  I wish I was smarter about making all this stuff work and I'd put her button here.  Of course, then I wouldn't have time for a "pause".  The house was quiet for a minute.  Now I hear Duke Boy stirring...better than a mouse. 

I'm having my board for the Pastoral Institute, Valley to my home for lunch today. Duke Boy is the chef so I know food will be wonderful.   Table is lovely.  Set by my favorite hostess, me!  Now all I need is the sweet hardworking folks who helped make this year easier by giving of themselves when asked . 

Pause today and look  for Christmas spirit.  The kind that doesn't come in a box. 

Got to sit on Santa's lap on Saturday.  He brought Christmas spirit to many excited children.

great Madonna and child moment
Maw maw and Baby Jake 2012
"The Pause"
Hedgie girl shot

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