Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting Santamantel

I have 439 Santas in my home now.  Well, probably more..those were the ones showing their faces on Sunday plus the two I got from my sister last night.
Christmas is a time to get Santamantel. :)

Tonight is the Christmas parade in the Valley.  This will be my first time to watch it from the bed of a
 pick up. That's a truck for all you city slickers. The Pastoral Instiute has a gorgeous package with a lovely sign on the Chamber float thanks to Brenda Andrews and Hedge Girl.  Keep an eye peeled for all that cuteness.

It's great to live in a spot with so many fun things to experience.  New Horizon Theatre's play is this weekend.  Breakfast with Santa at Shawmut UMC. Graduation at Auburn. Ok, not exactly in my town but my niece is graduating. Congrats Laura. Shopping at Bluffton Street Antiques and Collectibles.  Point University's musical Christmas programs.  Come on over we'd love to have you visit our town--don't forget the Merry-Go-Round, and the Navity Scene in Valley.  Free!

Gotta run get ready for work.  Santa needs help buying presents this year.

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