Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wacky day

I am trying an experiment in wacky-ness this morning.  Duke Boy is still sleeping and I know he's going to hate it.  I got my chair out of the corner of the living room  and turned it to face the window . I can see the Hooch and my river garden.  That's not the wackyest part.  I have it on some of those things that you raise a bed up with.  But wow--what a view!  The sun is coming up now and I can see the river.  Cool.  12 years in this house--didn't see this view---and I'm in my year of my 50s--time!!

I saw what I think is a beaver in my river garden this week.  There is a red mound of dirt near my trees where I hang my hammock.  Rockman thinks it's a fox den--I think it's a misplaced beaver dam.  I think a beaver said, "Darn, I'm sick of all this washing away of my hard work.  I'm heading for higher ground."  Maybe I'll get to see his/her cute wobbly butt today. 

Shazam--- I can put this idea to work upstairs in my sitting room when I finish painting.  An upstairs fruit basket turnover with my furniture--uh, oh, Duke Boy is stirring upstairs---I just need a chaise lounge --I've always wanted one.  Be strong---he's downstairs---outside with Callie--wait for it...

I just opened the window--chilly-- crows fussing, the train whistle, my cardinal,  3 squirrels running the trees, orange, yellow, green leaves, clack of the train going by across the river
---Duke Boy behind me ,"it look terrible".  Grin on his face as I get my morning kiss.  He's knows I'm a cracked pot--aren't we all?

More birds have joined the chorus--Duke Boy  cooking breakfast.  Inspired by the speckled grits from a stop off at the Callaway Country Store yesterday.

Time for socks--a little chilly and breezy.  Also time to make room for plants in the basement today.  Oh Lawd, that means the annual climbing over them in a few short weeks to get to my Christmas boxes. 

Several dear friends and loved ones are struggling with serious illnesses and losses.  I'm praying for all this morning as I feel the chill of this wonderful new day of hope and promise.

Peace and a new look out into God's October Birthmonth day.
Wacky new view of the world
View of the Hooch

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