Sunday, October 14, 2012

More birthmonth stories

My Birthmonth continues to uplift and encourage me to be enamored with its gorgeousness. Yesterday I took time to piddle and play until threaten of darkness drove me indoors.  Pansies procured last weekend are now all in dirt beyond the teeny life- sucking six pack from the pansy farm.  Miraculous that even the ones lying on their sides looking beyond dead have resurrected after abundant dirt and the gift of water.  Much like the original resurrection story. 

Gourds, a pumpkin, and pansies decorate my porch with their fall cuteness.  The gourds are from Linda aka Nana at Bluffton Street Antiques.  She has more for sale if you are interested.  She and her husband must have quite a garden because Duke Boy cooked yummy mustard greens for lunch that came from her.  My booth is overflowing with cool items that need a new home. 

Tonight is the TV premier of "October Baby" on GMC TV.  This film is a creation of my nephews, The Erwin Brothers.  My favorite line in the movie, "things are rarely black or white" delivered by the deputy.  It's a good movie for your pre-teens and up. 

While I'm writing I can hear acorns pumelling the roof of my neighbor's shed.  I brought a handful in this morning.  They are such beautiful colors and yes,...cute.

Peace to all from the Hooch. 

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