Monday, October 1, 2012


Home to all the creature comforts--washer/dryer in the basement, little food in the frig, unpainted dressing room, my own bed--yes, my own bathroom-yes.  Just got up from my Sunday nap.

Today is my last day to be 58.  Weather is cool, rainy and  great  for napping. 

Orange Beach and Colorado Springs all in one summer.  Pretty fabulous.  Had a great visit with old friends. we'd not seen in about 20 years.  Keep them in your prayers as they are fighting cancer.  We had a great time viewing the inter coastal waterway by boat from their condo to the restaurant where I gracefully exited the boat and clunked by face on the pier post.  John was kind enough to deposit me in the sand on our return trip.  The highlight of the boat trip was watching a family(pod) of dolphins play in the water.  They were having a grand ole time leaping and circling.  The Monarch butterflies and their flight to Mexico were also part of our vacation experience.  Flowers outside of our condo were covered in them.  Sadly so was the shoreline with those who didn't make it. 

Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs
                  So glad I got to relax in such a lovely spot with such great friends and family. 

                                               Me and Hedgie Girl frolicking in the sand.

Inter coastal cruisin
Trying to capture the sun

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