Saturday, August 18, 2012

To do list while waiting for the cable people

Weeding or painting???Would love to weed but I gotta get my room painted. Duke Boy got the grass cut yesterday.  Just in time since BW was starting to get lost out there.  We've both been so busy it's been difficult to get organized.

Today I can't stray from the house again because the cable people are coming.  We'll my Mom would say.  I stayed home yesterday and they didn't show.  I have the word of the woman on chat line that he will come today.  Beware of those connections with those who we only know by their first name for a few moments.  She seemed very nice.  I'm hoping this time it will work out.  Of course, the definition of insanity is "doing things the same way while expecting different results".  Here I go again. I am determined to get some things done while I wait.  Yesterday it was filling the truck with recycling and making a path for the pest control man to walk in my garage. 

OK, I will quit whining.  Go to Bluffton Street Collectibles and Antiques  in Lanett, AL and check out my new booth.  It has lots of cool stuff that you probably need in your home.   Actually the entire store has cool stuff.  Bring a large car or truck. 

Have a groovy Saturday.  Including those in the Ukraine--thanks guys. 

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