Monday, August 13, 2012

Mary or Martha?? and dreaming in chocolate

I have lost my list but I think China is a new viewer.  Welcome.

I've been sitting in my chair for a little bit this morning making myself settle since this week promises to be a whirlwind.  My scripture today ...Martha and Mary, I'm guessing this is a message .  I've always identified more with the Mary side since cooking and cleaning aren't in my first set of skills.  However, my weekend was more focused on my Martha side so I'm glad to renew my Mary.  Don't get scared..there was no cooking involved in my weekend... I cleaned up, set tables, and welcomed guests. 

Painting... another task this weekend.  Amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to a wall.  I'm thinking I may just go with primer.  Of course, the sun is just now coming up so I haven't really gotten a good look at the wall yet.  Notice I said "the" wall.  Most rooms have 4.  Whew.  Also 2 windows and 2 doors in this one. Watch out when you buy a bargain, lovely armoire for your dressing room.  Fruit basket turnover.

Peace to all you Mary & Martha's this weekend.  The Lord bless and keep you.
Day 1 "the great wall of Hooch"

I couldn't make myself paint over this or take it down YET!

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