Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am sitting again after a day of painting--priming the room.  I'm really liking that primer color!  I usually like painting but I just am not into it any more.  Not sure why.  Think it's called life--too many other things to do.
Weeding ,for instance, I did take five minutes to deal with the mayhem in my front garden.  Thought I was gonna have to call Allstate on the hummingbird vine. 

Yes, I was wrong about the cable guy. He fixed my problem--well most of them.  I can DVR again--whew. 
I just have some fuzzy pictures left upstairs.  He says those 10,000 miles of cable wire in my basement need redoing.  Too many splits.  He's going to make a suggestion to my cable company for how to fix it.  Wow-thanks. He was very nice. 

Sleep tight --watch out for those nasty bedbugs. 

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