Monday, August 27, 2012

Cup cake truces and counting chickens

240 cupcakes came out of our oven today. 
We are still married and no one died.
 I only got one pan--24 in a pan--a little too brown--not burned.

This was the beginning of a whine on Friday.

  Give me  240 cupcakes over peeling 16 dozen  boiled eggs any day.    Some of those eggs were very resistant to being peeled.  Guess they weren't ready to give up the idea of being a chicken yet.  Counting chickens know the rest of it.

Speaking of a countdown to our Tuesday fundraiser.  Duke Boy smoked 100 pounds of brisket yesterday thanks to a wonderful loaner smoker from Grills and Frills in Valley,AL.  200+ people are joining us for lunch to hear about the War Eagle wedding and to cheer on the other teams --I won't go into all the teams represented except to say Roll Tide.  The money we raise supports our Hope Fund so that counseling can be affordable.

Pray that Isaac will not harm those in his path. 

Peace to all from the Valley.

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