Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where are my long johns?

Crashed last night after a day of feeling out of sorts.  Decided it was because of a tetanus shot on Tuesday afternoon.  I have a knot on my arm, which I will get checked out if it doesn't go down today.  Just read on "Smart as a doctor" on-line that this happens to some people.  (Not really a website--I made that up.)

I'm listening to my heat kick on.  I didn't cover my plants since I was hunting for my own comforter last night.   We've been sleeping with the windows open and a light quilt for the last couple of weeks. Our quilt, a wedding ring, made by Duke boy's momma, wraps you in just the right temperature of love for spring nights.

Hope you have a peaceful day.  I shall venture outside in my coat after the sun comes up to check out the damage from the Linsey-Woolsey britches weather, aka, the last time to need your long johns this year.

"If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers...don't you think he'll attend to you."  Matthew 6:29  The Message

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