Friday, April 27, 2012

Ruffled feathers

The front garden bird-sized tub got a makeover last night.  Now there is a beautiful red bowl adorning the ancient waterfall like $5 bargain bird bath.  One problem--I think the birds are not sure about it. 
Chirps from the crepe myrtles are---"what is she thinking??" "too glitzy for my taste", "who bathes in a red shiny bowl--too slippery" "our family has washed our feathers of dusty in concrete shallow dishes for centuries" "and they call us birdbrained". 

  I am not giving up yet.  The water is still in the bowl this morning.
   I haven't had to fill it twice before 8AM!!

Peace and unruffled feathers to all of you this wonderful last Friday of April.  Looks like rain on my garden today.

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