Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scandalous garden behavior

I didn't need my jacket this morning when I took BW out but since I still had on my jammies I wore it anyhow.  Please don't tell my Momma that I was in the yard--you  can not use the word "garden" with such tacky behavior--- in my pajamas.  This is evidently a huge faux pax and I make it a lot.  My neighbor is swore to secrecy about my behavior.  As a child there was a woman in my neighborhood who frequently had on her pajamas in the yard--sometimes even after lunch.  She had beautiful pjs too.  I remember dreaming I'd buy those kind one day.  They were the silky kind with lace on the pocket and big collars.  She also smoked which was pretty scandalous and cool in those days.  Plus she had a pool in her yard. Oh my, ...she had it all.  Did I mention the Cadillac? 

Back to the reality of my pjs.  They are not the Ms. A. variety so quit trying to locate my house on the Internet map for a view.  I have also been know on Saturdays to be in the yard after lunch with them still on. ( I try to stay in the back yard when I'm not in my gardening attire. Even though my pjs are much nicer than some of my gardening get-ups.)  I also don't have a pool--I do have the Hooch--a step up.

Odd the things that intrigued us as children. 

I'm listening to a bird call to me from my blueberry bushes.  He doesn't know he should be nervous about the shiny thing twirling near his head.  Rats.  My bushes are full of berries.  Maybe I will get a couple on my cereal this year. 

Peace to you on this last Thursday of April.

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.
Groucho Marx

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