Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peace for each step

     Still looking at "peace" in the pollen on my table.  A good housekeeper would have cleaned that table by now--my secret is out--this is why I like to garden.  Gardens don't have to be dusted.  Weeded, yes; planted, yes; watered, yes; dusted, no--unless you mean the occasional 7 Dust, which I rarely use anymore.  I wish for all of you a day of dust free gardening.  I know many of you are having difficulties with all this pollen.  People have come to my office chugging and telling me "It's allergies!"  I make it clear from the first visit to please not bring me any germs so most do their best to abide my policy.

     May your day be blessed with beauty, joy,and most of all with peace for each step.

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