Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curing spring fever

Great trip to Columbus this morning.  The woods are full of blooming dogwoods and many yards are covered in Alabama (red & white) azaleas :).  Richie Havens strummed his guitar and sang, "Here comes the sun" just for me.  OK and the thousands of others with Sirius radio--didn't steal my joy!

Took time to speed water the plants in my back garden, heretofore, referred to as the river garden.  Donnie has planted hydrangeas all over the yard.  Thanks to whoever cut those back and left the branches beside the road.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for their survival.  They are the oak leaf variety, which are his favorite.  We also have some transplants from south Alabama that will think they've gone to Canada when summer hits full force.

As I came down the stairs today there was a cross outside my dining room window. It gave me pause for a minute until my mind allowed me to remember that Duke boy had it there for his Lenten sermon for Sunday.
If you're in the area come worship with us at Shawmut UMC in Valley, AL.  at 11 ET. 

Watch out today for spring fever.  You are most vulnerable if you fail to take the time to enjoy the outdoors at some point during your day.  Peace and more Bama azaleas.

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