Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gardening awards

      Our local garden club is awarding a quarterly " beautiful yard".  Perhaps I'll get it since in a couple of weeks I'll  have 5 or so tulips, a handful of daffodils, an amazing Lady Banks rose arbor, and more vetch than you can shake a stick at.  I have not stayed ahead of the vetch this year so it's even choking out the other weeds. It's deceptive when it first takes hold because it has cute purple flowers and pretty little leaves.  It reminds me of alot of other things that can take hold quickly like fat on your middle after a trip to the bakery so you can snack on one of their pretty little treats.       I just returned from visiting with my Mom and sister.  Every visit I wonder if they are going to tell me that I'm adopted.  They are both thin and can snack on those pretty little things from the bakeries without the same consequences as me. Whenever we are together you can be sure the day will include a bakery visit and I ,of course can't be rude.  Staying ahead of my weight and eating healthy things so I can indulge when visiting with skinnier family( or strangers who took me in) is a lot like gardening.  It's a daily thing and since I neglected it all winter I gotta reap the consequences. 

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