Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Oz brilliance

     I was felled by a migraine yesterday.  Had to cancel clients and came home to crash.  An eye mask is essential for such an occasion.  I wear one all the time now to sleep because Dr. Oz says...."you get deeper sleep".   Honey, I believe it. I have become a champion sleeper after several years of disrupted sleep.  Now I just have to get up for nighttime water releases---if you are closer to 60 than 50 then you get that.  Yesterday was the first time to use my eye mask during a serious headache.  I am much improved today without any residual discomfort in my head. 
     Just before sunset yesterday I'd recovered enough to sit quietly on my patio and take in the day. Oh my goodness.  I miss sunsets a lot due to more work schedule so it was quite a treat.  I've mentioned before that my yard overlooks the river and since the trees are still  barely budding out this is when the  viewing experience is at it's peak.  Got to see a duck swimming around and a few other unidentifiable swimmers.  What peace. 
  My prayer for your Friday is good friends in your path and no headaches! 
"I pray for the peace which bringth understanding" Helen Keller
  I just decided that I will write on Paris time from now on.  I long to travel there so I decided this will get my body acclimated to the time change. ( My decision has nothing to do with the fact that I have no earthly idea how to get the time stamp to work!)

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