Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sistateers ?

GG is coming to my house today.  We've been connected since 8th grade.  Church and mutual good friends brought us together.  She is much better than me about honoring our connection with visits and calls.  Face book and emails have linked us on a daily basis over the last few years.  She brought a golf cart to my daughter's wedding so we could move our guests more easily to the ceremony by the river.  She is in my three musketeers group--more like sistateers from high school.  We attended our 40th high school reunion last summer.  We are disconnected by physical distance but the heart knows no distance.  "Ain't no mountain high enough.." now rolling in my head. 

Who is in your sistateers group?  I had a heart call to the 3rd "teer" of the group yesterday to get an idea for a table painting make-over.  She will henceforth be called "Ms. Sunny",a carryover from her beauty queen days.  These sistateers know the joys and sorrows of my heart and I theirs. 

O that today you would listen to his voice! Do not harden your hearts...Psalm 95:7-8

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