Thursday, March 15, 2012

Arbor Days

     Had an amazing adventure arriving home before dark on a Wednesday.  Wahoo! After that I participated in a front porch moment with my neighbor.  Now I don't have a front porch---I have a settee, table, and chair in the yard---oops--"front garden"which will now be know as my arbor garden since it's near my Lady Banks Rose arbor.  Don't you just love the sounds of all those words: settee, arbor and the best one-- garden.  Duke boy put all that ambiance in the arbor garden (smiling) when he gardened on Friday.  Rock Man brought his own chair, vintage from a local funeral home, where we decided many had found comfort over the years discussing how the Church Triumphant had a new member. We didn't visit long but we got to take in the sights of the Lady Banks Roses that are just beginning to peek out.  When Duke boy got home from church he accompanied me to the arbor garden where he read the paper while I ate my supper and little BW begged beans from my plate.  We shall have to bring back the small dining table to the arbor too. 
    " Peace begins with a smile."  Mother Teresa

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