Friday, March 16, 2012

Frolicking through the madness

     March Madness for the Duke boy today.  He has his bracket, his chair, his TV, and is wearing his Duke shirt.  I have learned over the years to give him lots of space on game days.  I hate it that March Madness and beautiful spring days coincide, but I've learned to entertain myself and not expect him to participate in my frolicking.  I shall do the same today.  Time to get the toes done with Hedgie girl so we can have a visit while my feet get prepared for greeting this great weather.  I pledge that I shall wear sox with my gardening clogs so the wonderful feet massagers at Pro Nails won't have to use an IED on my feet to remove the summer soil before they beautify them.
     Hope all of you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Eve, March Madness, spring frolicking day.
     Peace begins with a smile.  Mother T. 

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