Wednesday, March 14, 2012

River views

     Who knew that writing could be such fun?  Today I will reach 500 hits on this page.  Thanks to all of you who are hanging in there with me and clicking 10 times a day. Ha.  Your checks are in the mail, I Promise! How many of you remember being in sixth grade and struggling for a page?  How many ways could you say, "I had a great time at my Grandmother's over the summer."  "The summer seemed to go on forever."  "When I saw my friends we talked about the fun trees at my Grandmother's. " ...The word Grandmother filled a lot of space on a page.  I'm sure Cy, our local news editor, is sorry that he ever told me that he had to have at least 500 words for a I can't seem to stop at 700. 
     I'll stop writing about writing and write..
     I spent a little time outside last night after some of my clients cancelled.  It's spring fever time so I expect I'll have more of those today.  The Hooch is running high, last night it was within two feet of being out of its' banks.  I walked along it picking up a pocketful of pecans for the basket in the garage, yet to be cracked.  Rock Man, my neighbor, had cut our collective grasses so it was an easy stroll admiring the might of that swiftly flowing water.  A duck passed me going in the opposite direction with little time to say hello. He gave the appearance of riding the log flume at Six Flags.  This is the time of the year when we expect some flooding in that part our "garden".  We've had two floods in the nearly twelve years here.  I remember sitting in the " hill garden" in 2003 watching geese swim by within a few feet of our patio which is high above the river and just outside our house.  The night before was  scary with Duke boy, our daughter, and our dog in an adjacent city hotel and me in the home of friend across the river . The bridges were all closed to our pathway home that night.  Rock Man was home and talked to me several times via phone as I checked the safety of our belongings.  I remember being glad that a prom dress, which is now for sale on Facebook, was on the second floor. 

     Time to make the doughnuts and prepare to head to Columbus for a day of counseling.  Peace to all of you.

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  1. wish I was there to sit awhile in your garden! And I do like the use of "shall."