Friday, February 24, 2012

Unfreaky Friday

     Listening to a gentle rain as opposed to the thunderstorms that were predicted.  My doggie is still snoring upstairs.  She is terrified of thunder and goes into a full tilt panic attack at the first hint of bad weather which makes her better than any weathe radio due to her sensitive hearing.  She can still hear me lift the lid on her jar of bones from across the house--even though it no longer plays "Gilligan's Island". ( A take away  present from  a youth Christmas party of days gone by.)
    Fridays is here and it's my day to do all the things that I never get done on work days.  One of the things that happens when married to a preacher is that Sundays are never considered as part of your weekend.  If he and I are going to connect it usually occurs on Fridays.  We do get to have lunch together usually three days during the work week and Sunday dinner is always a family thing, but our real time to just do what we'd like to do occurs on Fridays.
We usually end our Fridays with a grocery store date.  Spicey! We are both foodies--he likes to cook and I like to eat so finding new recipes to try is always part of our time together.  The vegan food plan (not diet) is peaking our interest in a whole new arena of foods.  Last week we added kale to our diet--so delicious.  Ok enough about food.  Haven't had breakfast yet. 
     Some of you have asked if I sleep since the clock on this blog is different from my actual life clock.  Hints on how to change it are appreciated. 
     Prayers for all our little chickens from Shawmut UMC who are going to NC for a ski trip today.  Not sure if there's snow but they're staying at Lake Junaluska so it will be a beautiful adventure.
   Thanks to all of you for reading.  Find a way to connect with someone you love today.  Happy Friday.

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