Thursday, February 23, 2012

Signs of the cross and bluebirds

     Spring outside y'all.  This morning while making coffee I got to watch a bluebird shopping for a new home.  Surprisingly he/she?? wasn't greeted by the squirrels who use those in the winter like school bus sheds.  The good news is that even obese bluebirds can fit through the extra larged size chewed out doors.  I told my husband that "we" needed to clean those houses out and he told me that he thought they should be rented "as is".  We have a new house in the garage that we've obviously waited too long to put out. 
     Didn't get to an Ash Wednesday service last night but I did make it to the fellowship meal at our church.  It was good to sit with all those folks with the sign of the cross on their foreheads.  We usually only wear those around our necks, I did yesterday and will  again today.  I remember going into a grocery store one evening after an Ash Wednesday service and a young clerk told me that I had something on my head.  When I told her that it was a cross for Ash Wednesday she still looked puzzled.  Guess that was a miss opportunity but there were others in line.  Where will my opportunity be to share what the sign of the cross means to me today?

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