Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday thoughts

     Saturdays are catch ups days--laundry, pick up stuff and put it back where it goes, play with my dog.  She is at my feet now with her "Big AL" stuffed toy.  I have it under my feet and her strong jaws are trying to extract it.  I'm winning.  She eases up so I'll give a little.  This is going to be a hard day for her due to the expected bad weather.  She isn't a fan.  She will tremble and shake and be in and out of our laps all day. 
     Saw "Courageous" last night while some men in our community--2 from our church--were honored.  It lead me to think of all the "courageous" people in my life, men and women.  I feel fortunate that there were many of both genders.  My Mom courageously stayed with my father after he had a terrible traumatic war wound after only four months of marriage.  He was recognized for his with the Medal of Honor and she got the daily raising of four children.  She was fortunate that we were all good kids probably due to the fact that they were both there daily to attend to our needs and most of our wants.  Saturdays growing up meant grass cutting by my Dad or brother when he was older, having bar-b-qued chicken from a place in Fairfield, AL, going with my Dad to Pucketts or to my uncle Carey's store, and riding my bike or playing Barbie's in the driveway until dark.  My dog doesn't have any Barbies so I'll have to settle for Big Al.  I will open my filter for future and past courageous people in my life today.

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