Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeling fluffy

   Time to climb back on the treadmill and get ready to win Scale Back or is it Scale Down?? Alabama contest. My husband agreed to start a vegan diet with me so I could lose weight.  When we first discussed it he suggested that we just "cut back" on our eating.  I told him that I'd been doing that for the last two years and had managed to gain 20 pounds.!! I needed a new plan.  I saw the 21 day jumpstart weight loss vegan diet at the library and now the book is on my Kindle.  Not sure of the name--will add later.  The more I read in the book regarding blood pressure and diabetes--not diabetic but have a history in my family and I do, did--teeter on BP issues, the more convinced I was that this could be a good new way to eat.  We are now about 5 weeks in and I've lost a pound a week.  I have exercised some--not enough--I like to garden as my exercise and the weather hasn't cooperated much lately.  I like not having to count calories.   
     Have a feeling it's no excuse day.  Just came in from taking my dog out and the morning is beautiful.  We have great blue sky here on the Hooch.  My daughter tells me that I should change my blogs name because people will think I'm offering a service other than counseling. Just to clarify any confusion, I live on the Chattahoochee River in Georgia and I can see Alabama from my house.  My daughter was married on the river in our backyard and when I get really good at this blogging thing I'll post some pictures of that event and my garden. 
      Today I will go fluff my booth at Bluffton Street Antiques and Collectibles in Lanett, AL.  I have a small corner that I share with my children where we sell treasures that we have grown weary off dusting.  It's a good alternative to gardening when the weather is uncooperative.  Think I may have to fluff fast today.

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