Sunday, February 19, 2012

Listening for the voice of the Lord

     Sitting in my writing chair in the living room with the window open and the heat on.  The open window allows me to hear the birds that are covering my yard.  Robins, starlings, blue jays in mass eating all the berries on my acuba, hollys, and whatever they can get their beaks on.  They've been here for over an hour feasting away.  I have a quote in my kitchen that says, "The voice of the Lord strips the forest bare."  I put it there in the winter when my view of the river is uninhibited by leaves.  This morning it seems that the birds may be doing the Lord's work by stripping my yard.  It's calmer out there now with just occasional chirps and calls.  I'm guessing they are stuffed. 
    Where else will the Lord's voice be available to me today?  I'm going to dress for church in just a little while.  My husband is a minister and usually he is a good messenger for The Voice.  There are also several members whose friendships allow me to hear it. Lunch with my family is another place to listen for it. We try to eat with my daughter and her husband on Sundays.  It's a good way to catch up and to know what's going in with everyone.  Today we're having vegan Jambalaya, sauteed kale and vegan bread pudding.  Kale is definitely a voice of the Lord food --it's sooooo green and crunchy.  It's like putting part of the forest on your plate.  
     Opening the filter for the voice of the Lord today. 

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