Monday, February 20, 2012

Permission to be me

     Writing is so much more fun than exercising.  I just got 2 new books on my Kindle so I'm eager to get to the treadmill and start them.  I quasi discipline myself into only reading Kindle books on the treadmill.  This was blown on Saturday night when I really had to know the ending of the David Baldacci book.  The bed , a thick blanket,and the rain on the roof were too much for me. It's Monday morning now and I have my resolve again to stick to this plan so I can "want to" exercise.  Speed gardening is my favorite exercise.  Giving myself an hour to move  quickly around the yard  picking up sticks, weeding, cutting bushes back and then standing back to admire my work.  This would be a good morning to weed since we had buckets of rain on Saturday.  Hmmm. 
     Tomorrow I'm hosting a Mardi Gras party at the church. I'm still stumped on the program but the food and decorations are decided.  Lent begins on Wednesday and is one of my favorite times in the church.  40 whole days to look at life and make decisions.  I'm a ponderer as my husband would say.  I need time to think and rethink things.  Lent gives me permission to be me. 

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