Sunday, February 26, 2012

Somebunny to love

     Feeling a little guilty that I didn't garden today.  I did pull a BIG bucketful of weeds while my dog was sniffing every blade of grass prior to finding "the" spot.   Instead I gathered things to take to my booth at Bluffton Antiques in Lanett, AL.  Sadly many bunnies went there today so they can bring life to someone's Easter basket. I remember those days of hunting for just the right bunny for my daughter's basket.  Some years there was more than one "right one" plus you know about rabbits and what they are famous for...needless to say, we have lots of rabbits.  Not to worry, I still have many on my staircase and my daughter has many of her favorites at her home.
     Time to go to bed before I fall in that "rabbit hole" of nostalgia. Pleasant peaceful dreams.

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