Monday, February 27, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

     Wonderful, fabulous,nippy spring day.  It was my turn to keep the nursery today at church which is always a hoot.  One of my babies loves to watch "Happy Feet" so today we added raise your flippers to our happy feet dance.  She made my day by calling the two little boys in the room, "brother". Takes those babies to lead us on Sundays. 
     Another fun part of the day was getting to visit with my niece during a car ride from Atlanta to my house.  She lives in Colorado now so visits are briefer. We reviewed our states we'd visited and fun stuff to do.  She and her husband are good about having adventures with their boys and educating them on what the good ole USA has to offer.  She had never heard of Devil's Tower, Wyoming or the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Guess I'm old??  I spent my 26th birthday there sleeping in my car with my dog because it was too windy--and scary --to put up my tent.  It's a pretty cool place to see or was back when I was 26.  Of course, that was in 1979.  You will have to do the math.
     February is winding down.  Gotta get ready for Monday again.
My prayer for you is a peaceful path so you can enjoy the beauty of nature that is springing up with bird songs, bright flowers, and cool breezes. God bless your night.

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