Thursday, February 16, 2012

Being more human

     40 Day Journey with Madeleine L'Engle,  her spiritual director told her one day when she was being woefully over a failure with a friendship, "who are you to thnk you are better than our Lord? ...He was singularly unsuccessful with a great many people."  It's a great quote to remember on being human as I start my day with others who are doing their best to be human and feel they are failing miserably.  I talked with my therapist yesterday about my own woeful failings.  Yes, therapists have therapists too. Hope I haven't broken the image of the human being you may be going to for guidance. My mother was surprised that I go to a therapist.  I liken it to not going to a brain surgeon who performs his own brain surgery.  Fortunately, I work in an environment that believes counseling is a sign of health not disease. My employment offers an EAP(employee assistance program) where all the employees can receive a limited number of paid sessions every year.  Ask if your job offers such a benefit if you need to talk to a counselor.  If you have insurance then you can call that phone # on the back of your card and ask about "mental health benefits" that are available to you. 
     Mardi Gras is beginning to wind down and Ash Wednesday will be here next week.  We are having a Mardi Gras Lunch & Laugh on Tuesday, February 21st at noon  Shawmut Methodist Church.  There is still time to sign up if you are local and reading this.  Call me 334-768-2341 by Friday for a reservation.
     Back to being human, more not less.  It's a daily process of being open to others and their needs and then deciding what you are being called to do about it.  I'm currently in a struggling with what I need to do about illegal aliens.  They are also God's children, just like me and you.  I'm praying that God will intervene and hoping He will send someone to do it. After all I don't even speak a foreign language. 

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