Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August gardening in Georgia

Yes, I'm alive! and up in the night!

I got a Mac so I'm not sure if I can make this work or not. This is all supposed to be easier. We'll see??

Worked in my front garden for 3 hours yesterday. No humidity. 1 bazillion weeds pulled. Clipped seed from all my coneflowers and blanket flowers. Aggravated hummingbirds by pulling up the vine that bears their name.  It should be called smothering blanket vine. All over the place.  

Gardening like childbirth. No memory of what August was like in the past or I'd never have planted a thing.  Too sad to watch it all die because I missed a day or 3 of watering. 
Weather was perfect to garden in yesterday. Cloudy, cool, breezy. 3 wheelbarrows full of weeds to the street.  Only quit because I'd used up all my bend-overs for the day.

New neighbors make life pretty awesome on the Hooch. All my grands and their parents. Makes life easier when one brother changes his mind about spending the night. Walk across the yard and get the screamer so he can see his Paw. Never mind that it's his Sughar who is carrying him across the yard in the dark.  Also great to walk next door for butter, salad dressing or whatever thing that will make life easier at the other house. "Please buy me some bacon when you go to the store. I have a box of summer tomatoes."

My heart goes out to the people in Texas.  I remember watching flood waters rise. They didn't get to my house but it was anxiety provoking wondering what if? UMCOR with the UMC church is a good place to donate money.  Our family did disaster relief in Ocean Spring, MS for them a few years ago.  They do good work. 

Returning to bed now.  Maybe I'll sleep. Grateful for a dry house. Peace.

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