Saturday, January 10, 2015

More wisdom on napping

Many of you were draw to the "retirement naps" post.  I've always been a napper but I've really tried to step up my game lately.  Perhaps because I end up writing this in the wee hours--actually it's 6:10 AM but I've been up awhile.  Actually the time stamp is on Paris time.  Bless their hearts, they've had quite a crisis there this week. Hoping the upcoming days are more peaceful. 

Part of my Christmas whimsy was using Eiffel tours in my living room with my mini tree.  Don't do a big tree anymore.  Don't be hater.  Get enough of that from my fam.  You know who you are. The towers are continuing in my winter/Valentine's festivity. 

Shout out to all my beautiful friends and relatives with birthdays this month.  Hope you have grand times.  There is a new bakery in West Point, GA.  One of these friends is going to have treat.  Maybe if it's warm enough I can talk Duke Boy into walking there with me today.  I got myself a Fitbit for Christmas.  It needs testing.  It has a calorie tracker too.  Great idea!

Peace to all from the Hooch.  Need to wake up Duke Boy.  I'm joking. I never wake him up on Saturday.  He loves sleeping better than I love napping.  High today 47, hmmm, driving to bakery doesn't give much testing time to Fitbit.  Nothing is perfect.

Here's a sentimental Saturday picture for you.  Remember being able to hold these guys in my lap at the same time.  Still can but it's harder. Hair on Sughar is longer now too. 

Duke Boy just reminded me that he has to go out of town today.  Rats.  Time for a nap.

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