Monday, April 21, 2014

Being Easter people

Just realized I only blogged once in April--whew.  Lent is a busy season at our house.  Duke Boy & I took a long nap yesterday.

Since photo uploading is a terrible unskill for me-here are some Easter shots.

On  Palm Sunday Duke Boy preached once, Thursday Duke Boy preached twice, Friday once, and Easter Sunday twice.  He also did a beautiful job throughout Lent of creating a worship experience with crosses, take away pocket remembrances, and on Easter a fabulous display of hydrangeas and a banner.  God's people who came to God's house knew that Shawmut people aren't just Easter people on Easter Sunday. The church also hosted a worship experience for the community on Tuesday and the hospitality committee fed lunch to a 100+ people.

 Today we are chilling--me literally on the porch--we have a garden to spruce up before our twin baptisms on May 26th. 

Two new traditions began in our family during Lent.  Friday night we hosted our first annual flashlight egg hunt.  Unfortunately Good Friday weather was predictably terrible so...we hunted in the house.  Emily, our girl winner, and only participant at this point due to 3 boys who aren't yet walking.  The boys spent time enjoying watching the giggles and screams of delight and possible monsters--only me standing in a dark corner watching---. 

Second new tradition was lunch with Hedgie Boy's side of the family on Easter.  There are bunches of cousins on that side of the family.  Another set of boy twins who have already mastered egg hunting and kickball, as well as others who will make sure they find their share of the eggs.  250 were hidden yesterday--only 249 were found since one had already made its way to the stomach of a cousin who was too old to hunt but not too old to enjoy one of the "real" eggs.  Of course, another Easter tradition of hugs, and giggles from all relatives over the latest additions to our family was an added treat to watch.  The boys did their part of shedding sweetness and light on all who had the pleasure of holding them. 

Easter wishes to all the Easter people who read my blog.  Hope you are basking in the glory of the Risen Lord and remembering to be Easter people daily. 

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