Saturday, January 25, 2014

Smoldering here

Woke up smoldering.  Thought the field mice had started a fire under the house to keep warm.  Confession had bug man put out bait box--BW safe--because a mouse ran through the kitchen.  Too cold to be outside and the cat spa makes outside even more risky.  Worse thing than freezing to death--being a cat toy for the day. 

Cold, cold, and more cold expected.  I'm gonna have to shut my eyes when the power bill comes. 

Great visits with my Columbus PI friends yesterday.  Good report on Precious Turner .  So glad she is improving. Love is the answer, Mr. Bill.

Bluffton Antiques will have some new wares in booth 19 soon.  Maybe this weekend.  Too cold to open my garage doors and shop.  Must bundle up and get it done. 

Gonna try sleeping again.  Perhaps my pillow will have a cold side now.

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