Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Post from 12/22/13 that disappeared and is now back??

Dex and I are enjoying the breeze on the porch.  Air was still earlier --74 in the house.  We keep our heat on 70--yes, it was warm outside.  Stormy weather is coming.  Little BW has already burrowed in the blankie on the couch. 

Speaking of burrowing.   Double N has a blankie for his spot under the porch. Double N is in love.  Might be his first blankie--whoa--big whistle of wind just blew through Dex.  Double N just came by for her morning petting.  Trying to teach her not to pick my screens---aauuuggghhh!

Christmas is right down the street, no longer around the corner. Queen Elizabeth and I went to the mall.  Actually we were dropped off.  Duke Boy grocery shopped while the Q and

Sad now. Just wrote the best blog ever and it got dumped when I lost my connection.  Very sad.

Oh well...Shout out to Miss K.  Keep on reading anyway.

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