Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Porch views from the Hooch

This article will be in the West Point Valley Times News this week

We are enough. We all want to be skinnier, prettier, wealthier, more creative, more thoughtful, and more computer literate, the list goes on.  You know how to fill in those blanks. It’s Monday and most of us started working our list before our feet hit the floor. Research says that Monday mornings are the prime times for heart attacks due to our stress hormones peaking after a weekend of relaxation. 

Yesterday, at Fairfax United Methodist Church, I got to experience a wonderful sermon on being enough.  Sorry Ian, I was in your pulpit and it wasn’t from me either.  It was from a younger member of your congregation, the Hugging Boy.  This young fellow moved through every pew and hugged each person present in the congregation.  Amazingly, he got a hug back and a smile from each person he hugged.  I hope that congregation realizes what a gift they have. I’ve experienced many church” meet and greets” but none as moving as the one done by this young boy.  His message was the gospel, “You are enough” and “I’m hugging you”.  Thanks for the wonderful wordless sermon. 

God’s presence was felt on my Pine Mountain Saturday get away too.  My day included lunch at Rose Cottage; where amazing bread is baked, a little shopping, and a ride on top of the mountain in the Roosevelt State Park.  The next couple of weeks will be peak leaf time on that mountain.  It’s well worth the trip.  God is definitely going to put on a show there this fall. 

He is definitely showing off in my garden. I’m ready this year with my ring-side seat on the porch.  This morning it’s gently raining and the weather is sweater and sock worthy.  The squirrel that fussed at me last week when I wrote from this spot is snuggled inside the bluebird house. He chewed out the hole so he could squeeze his chunky self into a warm dry home.  I don’t think he has a fireplace and hot cocoa but anything’s possible in the squirrel world.  He’s probably snacking on some of my recently planted lettuce from the pots in my front yard. No Name, not my cat, hasn’t brought any furry gifts by today.  Perhaps he’s squished up in a bluebird house too—I certainly wouldn’t put it past him.

Another great thing about my porch is that it gives ample space to stretch out for a Sunday afternoon nap.  The couch is in the sun after lunch and the October warmth made it a true Goldilocks moment for sleeping. 

Remember this week that we are all God’s hands out there.  We are enough for this task as are the people we encounter who believe they have to strive to be enough.  Perhaps the little Fairfax fellow will serve as a reminder to all of us what’s important about worship. 

Don’t forget to sign up for Holiday Hope at Shawmut United Methodist Church on November 21 at noon.  It’s a program and lunch for those of you who have lost a loved one and are facing the holidays for the first time alone.  It’s free and all you have to do is call for reservations.  334-768-2341.



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