Monday, October 28, 2013


Check out this cool blog.  It's Ms. Nancy's daughter.  She sat on my porch yesterday and encouraged me to look her up.  Her blog is cute with fun designs, pictures and recipes. I aspire to such creativity but not enough to do much about it.

Queen Elizabeth toured Pine Mtn. with me this week.  Rose Cottage has the most wonderful breads and the croissants are----indescribable--only word I can think of is yummy,... buttery,... makes your mouth happy,... blasted to Paris with no jet...ok so I could think of more.  Queen E and I had the chicken/avocado salad sandwich and some kind of steak soup---go with half a sandwich unless you have recently walked a long trail in the Roosevelt State Park. 

Speaking of that park--took a short car ride on the top of the mountain from the country store to the first spot that you can get back to the main road to Callaway. So lovely. Couple of spots to pull off and enjoy the view of the valley below.  Trees are just beginning to turn.  Duke Boy and I usually do this one in the convertible this time of year.  Great spot for convertible therapy. 

Had to privilege of stealing the pulpit form Ian at Fairfax UMC yesterday.  It was United Methodist Women's Sunday and I was their speaker for the Pastoral Institute.  Cutest little hugging boy there.  He was about 10 and he went through each pew before the service and hugged everyone in the congregation.  No one escaped his embrace and ever single person that I observed smiled and hugged him back.  During my mini sermon I told them that it had in essence been a group hug. 

He helped me with my point of not having to be perfect in our worldly definition but that we are enough just as we are.  He didn't discriminate.  Hugged everyone.  We were enough!  Truly beautiful.  That little boy steals the sermon every Sunday morning. 

Stole this one from my niece, Laura.  She's in NYC finding her bliss. Isn't this an amazing pix.

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