Monday, October 7, 2013

Breezy day with my porch

I confess I'm with my porch again! This time we are listening to the rain together.  This is why I wanted  a porch.  It reminds me of Camp Sumatanga, G4 with just screens--laying in bed listening to the rain on the roof sooth me to sleep after a long day of crafting with kids.  Ok, cutting gimp can be very taxing...soothing a young boy after a mouse ate his bread dough roses that he'd left to dry, watching someone's popsicle treasure chest fall apart after an hour of painstaking I write I now know where most of my early therapeutic skills were honed. 

Back to the nice here.  It won't be long before I'll have to do a blankie and sox.  For now turning off the ceiling fan over my head was a must.  Duke Boy had to help.  I must get a longer chain. 

Today was Pastor's Appreciation Day at Shawmut UMC.  Lovely.  Great getting to lead the line with the Pastor.  Preacher's wife job does have its perks.  Grape salad, poppy seed chicken, Swiss chocolate cake, green beans.  I'm so sorry all my bloggers friends weren't there.  We had tons of food.  Thanks to all of you who pulled off that lovely event. 

Thanks too to all who helped me Turn 60. Where do we get these expressions.  Sounds like something that happens to silver.  Time to polish me?? Shine me up for the next party?  Anyhow.  Great family event with Hank and Shelia. Always fun with Miss Sunny, Jim Pop and newest future Miss Sunny.  Sopigopnopa and Tom.  Now I'm still partying with a  dance card of invites here in the Valley.  The porch will be jealous. 

Congrats to my babies that just celebrated 5 years of marriage.  My porch overlooks their wedding site. 


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