Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hooch bugging me

Buggy on the Hooch tonite. Hydrangeas begging to be inside with me.  Must have been hot today.  I was inside my office with a/c today.  Pray that it will continue to cool.  So much nicer to work when it's cool. 

Duke Boy gets home from UMC conference tonite.  I'll be glad to see him.  He's not just my chef, he's my ear, advisor, squeeze, coffee sharer, garden walk abouter, Double N fellow petter, and all around good guy. 
Love is good. 

Bluffton Antiques has a great assortment of flags for your 4th.  Got a great Betsy Ross.

 My Mom worked sewing flags at the Betsy Ross Flag Company after my dad came back from the war.

 I  only lasted an afternoon sewing letters on football jerseys when I was in college. 

No genes for sewing.  Give me a garden!

these are back and more plentiful


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