Friday, May 31, 2013

Sending blessings down the Hooch

Wonderful to have friends where you can jump into the conversation you had 7 years ago like it just occurred.  Not talking dementia here--just good stories.  Sitting, visiting, and enjoying the day. Thanks Sopigopnopa and Cophropropisop for sharing the day with me.

Back to the office today to catch up and finish yesterday's wildness.  No A/C again and no fax.  Guess I will take a stick and rock in case I have to make fire to get the lights on.  Pray the A/C guys discover the source of the problem. 

Looks like another beautiful day here. Lugged in all the chair cushions yesterday.  My fault that it didn't rain.  Sorry.  I do love watering though.  Not a sprinkler girl except in drought times.  I like to talk and visit with my plants while watering.  Double N makes that challenging--hose, coffee cup, and cat tail curling around the legs --perhaps Dr. M has sent Double N because business is slow. 

Cheesecake factory--oh no.  Something stole our cheesecake!

Family weekend here.  Putting up room darkening curtains in guest room.
 Everyone should purchase a sleep mask.
 Cheaper than drapes that's for sure.

Peace to all of you from the Hooch.  We are letting the mighty Mississippi show itself this week while we remain calm.  Hear the white water in Columbus is a hit.  Sending blessings over the rapids as they come y'alls way.

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